News · Posted 14.07.2020

2020 Income Tax Returns

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In response to COVID-19 we have taken measures to protect our clients and staff in-line with the current lock down restrictions.

While we will be unable to offer physical tax appointments at this time our Accountants will be available for telephone or virtual meetings.

Getting your tax return prepared:

1. Email your workpapers to your Accountant or

2. Your Accountant will prepare your return and contact you to request further documentation or discuss any queries they may have.

3. Your return will then be emailed to you from where you will be able to electronically sign the document.

4. Once our office receives your signed return and full payment of invoice we will lodge it with the ATO.

Things to remember:

  • Our office door will remain locked to the public. If you must drop in your workpapers please ring the intercom located near the door handle on the side of the building.
  • We will be sending most of our correspondence via email as Australia Post are experiencing significant delays. For a step-by-step guide on electronically signing your documents, please click here.
  • Most of our staff are currently working from home so their telephones are diverted. Please familarise yourself with your Accountant's direct line:

Clint 8790 7714
Kamran 8790 7725
Beverly 8790 7719
Susan 8790 7717
Suzanne 8790 7721
Katie 8790 7724

We thank you for your cooperation during this time and hope you and your families all take care.

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